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    Many years ago when I was a youngster, my foremost pastime was to watch cartoon films. I was overwhelmed by the movements of pictures. I used to imagine that there must be somewhere a world where people with distorted limbs, long noses, broad ears, enlarged palms and feet would live, where even animals talked. There might be millions of children who might have shared my views?

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    CARTOONIST PRAN, creator of the famous comic series Chacha chaudhury has been honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Karnataka Chief Minister S M Krishna on behalf of the Indian Institute of Cartoonists. It has been almost 41 years since Pran created the now legendary Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu at a time when most comics available in India were imported from Western countries. However, unlike the heroes of foreign comic strips like Superman, Batman and Spiderman, his protagonist dealt with incident that highlighted primarily political issues. As the great cartoonist says: "There is nothing out of this world about them."This is probably the secret of their success, because Indian children have fount it easier to relate to his characters than to the multitude of foreign superheroes on offer. 

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    Pran Sharma pioneered the comic cartoon in India and , 34 year later, remains the leading syndicated cartoonist With ceaseless entertainment pouring from the skies these days, parents are understandably a worried lot as impressionable young mind are constantly fed an overdose of what is not always conducive to proper upbringing. It is a common refrain that reading habits are the first casualty of this electronic onslaught. But there is still something that remains untouched comics. Pran Kumar Sharma. Who pioneered the genre in the country 34 year ago and remains the leading syndicated cartoonist for comics, affirm that the circulation is actually picking up steadily. So even as the audio-visual addiction continues to be on the upswing, so does the love for comics. "During the ongoing holiday season, the boom period for us, sales are bound to increase as compared to last year." He says Already the figures run into lakhs, and according to a survey conducted by . Diamond Comics, his chief publisher Pran can boast of over a crore readers for his highly popular comic strips. No wonder the 55-year-old cartoonist, who has 225 books and 165,000 drawings to his credit , is listed in the limca book of records as the most prolific comic cartoonist .and recently, two episodes from his Chacha Choudhary series- which is celebrating its silver jubilee this year - were selected for permanent display at the International Museum of Cartoon Art , Florida ,USA.

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    Do you know Chacha Chaudhary's brain works faster then computer ? and the tall muscular Sabu is the inhabitant of planet Jupiter ? On 9 June 2001, Mr. S. M. Krishna, chief minister of Karnataka honored cartoonist Pran, the creator of Chacha Chaudhary comic series for lifetime achievement award on behalf of Indian institute of cartoonists. The citation says: making people laugh through cartoons is serious business , but Pran has been at it for decades, sustaining with vigor and humor unfailingly. His extremely lovable comics with exaggerated curves but real lives and a subtle social message have rendered him a genius in the colorful cartoon spectrum of modern India. So much that he is today a cornerstone in the arena of cartoon journalism . for unshackling caricature from the re aims of elitism and popularizing this sophisticated art from among the masses. 

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    Art has visual, no words. Literature has words, no visual. Comics have words as well as visuals. This accounts for its popularity. Says well known cartoonist pran whose famous creation 'chacha choudhary' is a craze among young children. 1994 is the silver jubilee year of chacha choudhary comic series which was created by pran on 10 january, 1969. to commorate this occasion , an exhibition of his original drawings was held at all India fine arts and crafts society recently. The youngest among two sisters and five brothers. Pran was born on aug 15 , 1938 in a small town, kasur, now in Pakistan. The family moved to gwalior after partition of the country . after completing M.A in political science , he studied fine arts. He started his cartooning career in 1960

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