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Syndication of Comic Strips & Panels for Newspapers, Magazines, Websites and Mobiles

Family and co-workers, kids and grown-ups, best friends and pets – Pran's Features offers comics for everyone. With classic characters, both familiar and new, Pran's Features is home to more than 12 of the greatest, most-loved comics in India. Chacha Chaudhary, Billoo, Pinki, Raman, Shrimatiji, Channie Chachi, Daabu, Ankur, Meeku, Cheeku, Prof Adhkari and many others have become very famous cartoon characters created by Pran.

Pran's Features, distributes some 25 features to nearly 35 newspapers and other print publications in more than 5 languages. From our many popular comic strips we have activity puzzles for kids. King Features covers the world with content readers want. News and entertainment publishers who are looking for premium content that will engage their users and attract advertisers need look no further than Pran's Features.

Contact your Pran's Features salesperson to learn more and schedule a demonstration.

Mobile Syndication

Readers expect their news live and on the go, and they expect the same for entertainment. Pran's Features provides content to engage your audience whenever and wherever they are. All comics and columns are available for syndication to mobile devices including, but not limited to:

Smart phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile)

Tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab, Xoom)

Rechargeable Dog (Bleeker)

Our image quality is unmatched for comics while text features are easily adaptable to any format. Comic strips and panels are updated every day in high resolution and full color.

Setup is extremely simple with real-time secure feeds hosted and maintained by Pran's Features.

The look and feel of your mobile application and/or website are maintained while giving your users a wealth of additional reasons to log on day after day. Enhanced capabilities such as archives and social extensions (sharing) further enhance your publication’s digital offering.

In addition, Pran's Features’ best-in-class Activity puzzles for kids are now available for use in your tablet application.

Contact your Pran's Features salesperson to learn more and schedule a demonstration.

Sunday Color Comic Printing

Sunday Color Printing in dealing with today’s economy newspapers need to consider either of two approaches to their Sunday color comic printing, based largely on their circulation and market size. Most small-market publishers are seeking ways to reduce costs, and if they haven’t done so already may want to consider converting their Sunday comics to generic sections. In medium-sized and larger markets Sunday color comics continue to offer high-profile exposure for advertisers, and therefore offer an opportunity to turn sections into revenue producers. Either way, Pran's Features Syndicate may have the solution for you. We have been printing Sunday color comics for newspapers for the past 45 years, and are now serving more than 35 newspaper clients. We produce millions of pages of high-quality color comics and advertising each week. Its history and knowledge of the industry have kept Pran's sensitive to the needs of newspapers to this day, and has led to such recent cost-free innovations as online “previews” of forthcoming comic sections and posting of Sunday comic pages for its customers’ websites.

For additional information and rates, please contact Pran's Syndicate Sales Director 011-45400844 or click here for a listing of our sales team.

Weekly Service

Pran's Features Weekly Service (PFWS) has been offering newspaper features since 1960, with 35 newspapers . PFWS is a great way for weeklies and monthlies to increase ad revenue, reduce freelance writing costs and free up staff to work on local projects. It’s easy to access and your risk is low (there are no contracts).

Puzzles Package

Puzzles Package Pran's Features provides online Activity puzzles for hundreds of websites. We offer a variety of puzzles based on our cartoon characters. Visitors to our client sites enjoy addictive and rewarding interactive experiences day after day resulting in tremendous loyalty and engagement metrics.

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